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Setting the Stage for Personal Transformation

Last week, I posted a link on MyPleasantPlaces Facebook page about making a list of your accomplishments for this year (here’s the link for those of you who do not follow my Facebook page; and here’s the link to the Facebook page if you would like to start following MyPleasantPlaces). The post that I linked to was right up my alley! I like the concept because I find that looking back over a year can be very enlightening—and inspiring!—in regards to the cumulative effect of seemingly insignificant little steps combined with consistency. Looking back over a week, or even over a month, is not nearly as impressive or impacting.

Looking back helps put the power of “small steps + consistency” in perspective.  Continue reading

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Identity: Discovering The “Real You”

Back in the “old days,” there was a game show on television called To Tell the Truth. In that show, there were three people—the “subjects”—who all claimed to be the same person (John Doe, for example), and the object of the game was for the contestants to determine which of the subjects was really who he or she claimed to be. Armed with a few known facts about John Doe, the contestants would ask leading questions of the subjects about their work, their training, and their families, trying to trip up the imposters in the details. When time was up, the contestants cast their vote as to which subject was, indeed, John Doe and tell why they chose him. The climax of the game was when the game show host would say, “Will the real John Doe please stand up.”

It all made for an entertaining game of trying to guess who was genuine and who was an identity thief (a term that would not become a catch phrase for decades to come), but even today, the concept brings to light a common fallacy regarding personal identity: it’s all about what you do.

How many times have you responded to a request to “tell me a little about yourself” Continue reading

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57 Things I’ve Learned In 57 Years

Me, about 56 1/2 years ago

Today is my birthday, and I am taking advantage of this momentous occasion to share a list of “smartisms” I have accumulated from my 57 years on this earth. Obviously, one of the things I haven’t learned is that a woman never divulges her age. However, I felt that maybe my age validates that, indeed, I’ve lived long enough to have learned a few things that may be worth passing on.

Some points on my list are deeply spiritual, some are just plain ol’ common sense, and some are a matter of opinion and/or preference. But it’s MY birthday, and today MY opinion matters! (Please indulge an old lady on her birthday!)

If one of the points stand out to you, please mention it in the comments.  Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Nothing Like a Baby’s Smile

I post a variety of cutesey videos on Fun Friday, but this one brings out a very warm emotion. I don’t think you’ll laugh on this one, but I am certain you will smile. As always, I must advise those who are viewing this post in a reader or in their email inbox, you will have to click the link to see the video. I’m sorry for the trouble, but I’m sure you will find it worth a few extra seconds of your time. :)

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How to Hold Yourself Accountable to Personal Change

Have you ever been inspired to make a positive change in your life, made a few plans for how to go about doing it, and then realized weeks later that you had not moved one step closer towards changing? In fact, if you’re like me, you might confess that since your initial burst of inspiration, you’d hardly given it another thought. How do things like that slip so easily off the “radar” of our minds? If our memory is so fragile, if our inspiration is just a “poof”—now you see it, now you don’t—how can we change?

I have experienced this disappointing scenario multiple times. I’ve had lofty ideas of the woman I wanted to become only to get caught up in the busyness of day-to-day life—cleaning, cooking, working, running errands, paying bills, tending to children, etc.—and before I knew it, the woman I envisioned becoming was a mere figment of my imagination.

Is there any way to keep important desires and goals on our minds long enough to actually follow through Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Don’t Take Your Social Cues From Music Videos

I watched this 6-second video over and over, laughing out loud each time. This was definitely a must-share with my blog friends! (By the way, if you are seeing this post in a feeder or receiving it by email, you will have to click the post title/link to actually see the video. Sorry. But make the effort. It’s worth it!)


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Transforming Regret Into Gratitude

My life has been enhanced by a couple of activities that I have written about often here on the blog, but, what you may not know, is that 1) neither activity was a particular passion of mine when I was younger, and 2) both activities almost got derailed by an attitude of regret.  Continue reading

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