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Fun Friday: One of the Funniest Videos I Have Ever Seen

I don’t care much for “staged” videos. At first watch, I thought this was one of those. The dead give-away for me was the the look on that woman’s face as she rushed towards the camera… Continue reading

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Where Time Management Meets the Kitchen

When I am hungry, I want to eat NOW. Unless the food is already prepared, this “NOW” attitude could be problematic. So, for the most part, I try to keep my frig stocked with food that’s just minutes away from eating. This short post is about how I do that. Continue reading

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Are You Up For a Change?

When I started that first 30-day challenge, I never intended to continue it month after month. But after the breakthrough in the first one, it’s like, “Why wouldn’t I want to instigate breakthrough in another area of my life?” It is important to note that when I finish one challenge at the end of the month and start a new one, I do not discard the previous challenges. That would really be a waste of 30 days! Continue reading

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Three Principles of Time Management

I kind of see this initial phase of planning like working on a jigsaw puzzle. At the beginning of the week, you take a broad, bird’s-eye view of your week, and then, based on what is important and valuable to you, you start plugging in activities (puzzle pieces) around the hard-and-fast commitments such as sleep, your work day, appointments already scheduled, and appointments with yourself (more about that momentarily), etc. Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Need Encouragement?

Friends, do you need some encouragement? Then I am here for you on this lovely Fun Friday. Please accept this child’s admonishment as directly from me. 🙂 Continue reading

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Measure Your Time

“You can’t change what you don’t measure.” This post will look at the statement in the context of time management.

Continue reading

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What Would You Do If You Had More Time?

I have been guilty of saying, “I just don’t have the time.” 168 Hours invalidates that excuse! I have 168 hours. That fact coupled with my personal revelation from the past couple of years about the significant impact I can make in my life by taking consistent, small steps in the right direction, make for a dynamic duo in the “life-change department.” Continue reading

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