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Reading Faster

The biggest problem I have in relation to reading is the vast material that is available. There is so much I must read, but even more that I want to read. Continue reading

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The Agony of Defeat

Most of my life I have been a “frustrated perfectionist.” I wanted to be perfect, and thus, my frustration—because I never attained it. So many of my plans and dreams and projects have fallen by the wayside of my life because I couldn’t do them perfectly. Continue reading

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My purpose in this post is two-fold: 1) I want to demonstrate how you can learn just about anything on Google (some exceptions do apply), and 2) I want to show you how “Googling” can strengthen your brain; it is an exercise in mental fitness. Continue reading

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10 Tips for Getting Fit This Year

Almost everyone who sets goals for for the New Year sets a fitness goal or two. The sad truth, though, is that about 88% of folks forsake those goals by the end of January!
I have a few suggestions for hanging in there, for becoming part of the 12% minority. These are based on personal experience, and they will work if you’ll work them. Continue reading

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It’s Time to Start Moving (forward, that is)

Little by little, I can change my life in huge ways. Small changes + Consistency + Perseverance = Changed Life. Continue reading

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Looking Forward

Looking back is safe; there’s no risk in saying, “Here’s what happened” whether it be good or bad. But looking forward requires faith. We have no idea what 2013 holds for us. Continue reading

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