30-Day Challenge Time

Zig Ziglar
Here we are at the beginning of another month. Another opportunity to look backwards and learn (what did I accomplish last month?), another opportunity to look forward and stretch (what can I focus on this month?).

Setting 30-day challenges has become a near-ritual for me. Even though I may not be as intense about these most recent ones as I was about the earlier ones, I still find it beneficial to focus on a target area each month. As I’ve said many times before, even if we don’t accomplish our goal every single day of the month, if we are thinking about it and aiming for it, we will most definitely make more progress than if we weren’t. Right? I like the way Zig Ziglar put it: “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” I don’t want to reach a goal of  “nothing”!

Last month my 30-day challenge was to work on my e-book every day. I accomplished my goal 23 of the 28 days in February. So even though I was not 100%, I worked on it 23 days that I probably wouldn’t have worked on it if I had no goal! So I am making more progress than I would otherwise, right?

My challenge this month is—you guessed it—to work on the e-book every day. In fact, this may remain my 30-day (120-day?) challenge until the book is complete. At any rate, I am determined to complete the thing. You’ll hear more about it as I see the end in sight.

I would like to hear how your 30-day challenges are going. How did you do last month? What are your plans for this month? Henry Van Dyke said, “Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.” I’m determined. How about you?

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2 Responses to 30-Day Challenge Time

  1. Cindy Lofton says:

    Diane- I wanted to report about my 30dc from last month. I practiced violin (in a quality way) for 19 of the 28 days. This was a good achievement for me- it is significantly more practice than I’ve ever had in a month, and like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. both my teacher & I saw improvements. Yay! I still have yet to find a certain time of day that I can always plan to do it, but I will get there. Two strategies that have helped me practice more were to hang my violin & bow on the wall of our living room so I can access it easily, and the 2nd was to buy a ‘muter’ so that I can play while the kids are napping and it not wake them up (it mutes the instrument so it’s not as loud). These little things have helped a lot. I haven’t set a new 30dc yet, but I do plan to. I will let you know once I do!

    I certainly don’t want to aim or hit nothing. That’s sickens me to think about. Determination knows no distractions. Just achieving the goal. I’m thankful for the grace to do that. It’s a new day.

    • Diane says:

      Cindy, I think 19/28 is good progress. And I am certain the “muter” was an excellent move! That was an investment in your violin-playing future. How could you practice with four children in the house if you can’t practice while some of them are sleeping? Good idea!

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