A Gift From a Child

Day 20 of my 30-day challenge

Day 20 of My 30-Day Challenge

Several of the children in my life—including most of my grandchildren—all attend a summer school program that has lots of structured activities throughout the week including exercise, crafts, computer projects, board games, etc.  This week, one of their projects was yarn-and-popsicle-stick craft called God’s Eye.

The day after they had created their masterpieces, Steve and I dropped in on some of the grands for a quick visit.  They were still bubbling with excitement about their most-recent artistic expressions.  Willow, the oldest of the four, led me to her room and showed me her God’s Eye hanging over her bed.  Here’s a picture of it:

Willow's Craft

Willow’s “God’s Eye” Craft

Very well done, if I may say so myself!

As I turned to leave the room, six-year-old Bear (you’ve read about him before), met me with his hands behind his back and pleased expression on his face.  He produced a wad of yarn with a couple of  sticks poking out of it (see picture below) and said, “I made this for you, DD.”  Then, as an afterthought, “I messed up a little.”

God's Eye craft

Bear’s “God’s Eye” Craft


Photo compliments of LEOL30 via Compfight

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7 Responses to A Gift From a Child

  1. spence says:

    Fact: I laughed out loud when I saw Bears craftiness

  2. Cindy Lofton says:

    That is so awesome. I really like that he used camo colors. 🙂 and I am seriously impressed with willows!

  3. mindi11mindi says:

    SO funny! I feel like Bear when presenting a gift I’ve wrapped myself… “I messed up a little”.

    • Diane says:

      I know what you mean, Mindi. Though I think it and may not say it, I always feel that way when I present my gift in its Walmart sack.

  4. mindi says:

    Ha! I like your style. Keeping it simple. 😉

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