About Me and My Pleasant Places

This blog is a product of my personal journey.  Though not without challenges in my life, I often think like the Psalmist who wrote, The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance (Psalm 16:6).  Yep; those are my sentiments, too.

When I think about the trends in my life and the factors that contribute to its pleasantness, I realize that I have made some definitive discoveries along the way.   This blog is an outlet for me to share those discoveries and hopefully help others find their own personal pleasant places in the process.

As I have contemplated the things I want to write about, I see definite categories emerging.

I’ll write about spirituality–for that is the hub of life.  It all starts there.

I’ll write about fitness.  Life’s not very pleasant when you’re sick and sickly.

I’ll write about mental fitness, too.  A healthy body with a weak brain is not my idea of “pleasant.”

I’ll write about technology.  This is probably a topic that most separates my blog from other similar ones.  But for me, technology is a great boon to my pleasant places–making them “more pleasanter” in many ways. 🙂

I’ll write about family, friends, community.  Life wouldn’t be very pleasant if lived in isolation.

I’ll write about time management.  How very un-pleasant to spend life on the worthless and mundane.

I’ll write about laughter and humor.  These ingredients add so much color to life.

We can’t neatly compartmentalize who we are into separate segments–spirit, mind, soul, body–because all these “parts” overlap and affects the others and makes up the whole.  And that’s one of the goals of My Pleasant Places: to bring individuals to a state of wholeness, a place of personal confluence.

We are integrated human beings, and so this blog will be integrated, as well.  I write about various subjects that may initially seem unrelated, but are actually very related.  I find that some of my technology tools help make me a more spiritual person.  And some of my fitness regimens–though they take time–help me manage my time because of the energy they create for me.  And some of my mental disciplines make me a better businesswoman.

Overall, this blog is about quality of life–for that is what “pleasant places” are.

So welcome to my pleasant places…  Enjoy your visit.

My Pleasant PlacesI am Diane Schultz, the author of My Pleasant Places, a personal development blog. My “credentials” are lots of life experience. I’m a wife and mother, grandmother, teacher, traveler, writer, runner, businesswoman, etc. Most people find it interesting that I have traveled most of the U.S. (and some Canada and Mexico, as well) by motorcycle. I personally find my current station in life much more interesting (but then that’s the way it’s supposed to be, right? “Wherever you are, be there”). My husband, Steve, and I live in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and lead a young church in Fayetteville. This young church keeps me young. It’s for them that I write–and trust that others get the benefit of my love, enthusiasm and “seasoning” (aka, wisdom that comes with age and experience), too.

6 Responses to About Me and My Pleasant Places

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  3. Tabbie says:

    i like this blog, simple yet deep, thanks for the good work,

  4. roxminu says:

    I’m glad you’re so content. I’d like to be like that, but I’m so far away I fear I’ll never get there. I’ve struggled with mental and other “physical” illnesses since the day I was born, maybe even before.

    – the quotes are because “mental illnesses” are also physical and not “emotional” as some people think.

    Sorry, I’m talking too much. I just wanted to say that my life is and has always been about struggle and surviving the day, but I truly wish to find “my pleasant places”.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Diane says:

      Thanks for commenting, Rox. I hope that I haven’t given the impression that my life is always “pleasant,” as it’s not. However, the foundation that I build on (Jesus Christ) and the eternal principles that I live by (the word of God) certainly give me a sense of anchoring and safety in the midst of some very UN-pleasant circumstances. I hope that you can find safety there, as well. Please continue to read my blog. I share some very “frivolous” stuff (in light of the “Big Picture”), but I also share some very basic, fundamental principles for discovering your pleasant places. Thanks again for sharing.

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