Fun Friday: Ambitious Children

I love it when children become entrepreneurial.  I suppose it’s because, if managed correctly, you can witness the embodiment of the Proverb, “A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul…”*  If you’ve read My Pleasant Places for very long, you know that I am all about making and reaching goals.  So I am delighted when I see a child strive towards a goal—even if the goal is to earn the money to buy a special toy.  Parents can capitalize on those ambitious opportunities to teach the value of money, the principle of “little by little,”** a strong work ethic, and and perseverance. 

In fact, if you’re a parent and you want to instill in your child persistence and consistency, then I suggest you make a chart similar to Don’t Break the Chain and help them track their progress towards a goal by celebrating each day’s achievement (X marks the spot!).  A simple chart that helps a little one “see” their progress can be a powerful tool.  And if you’ve participated in the 30-day challenges on My Pleasant Places, then you know that doing anything for 30 days in a row is a very effective way for building some strong character traits (aka “habits”) in your children.

Ambitious Phebes

Ambitious Phoebe

But I digress.  This is Fun Friday, and I’m getting way too serious.

My 10-year-old granddaughter, Phoebe, emailed me this week.  This is the very first email I’ve gotten from her, indicating she has now come of age and entered the cybersphere.  She wrote:

Hi! It’s Phoebe. I was wondering if you need any help. Because I’m saving money to get a kindle fire. Jobs I can do: clean, organize, or other ideas. Please go on gmail to contact me.

I immediately responded that, yes, I did have some work she could do.  She fired back:

I can come out on the weekends.  I have one question.  How much money will I make?

I doubt Phoebe will ever have a problem asking for a raise.

*Proverbs 13:19 NIV

**Proverbs 13:11 NIV

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2 Responses to Fun Friday: Ambitious Children

  1. Christine Kamau says:

    This is just great and gives me a solution i have been seeking. My first born son is almost 14 years and i have been wondering just how to more effectively instill a strong work ethic and the discipline to get his stuff done without much supervision.

    Thanks Diane!

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