Another Favorite App, Part 2

Day 25 of 30-day challenge

Day 25 of My 30-Day Challenge

Creative Commons License Last blog post, I wrote about Evernote and my three favorite things about it: savability, searchability, and clippability.  I wrote about savability in the last post, so in this post, I will briefly summarize the latter two features.


One of the most-touted features about Evernote is how easy it is to find what you’re looking for.  You can search a variety of ways including by the name of the note or by date created or by tag (be sure to give your notes good tags).  But the most impressive search feature is that you can even search scanned documents such as PDF’s (most search capabilities see a PDF file as a “picture,” so the words in the doc are not recognized).  Evernote even claims to be able to search handwritten notes.


Call me simple, but my favorite feature about Evernote is the ease and cleanness of saving articles from the web. You may have to install an add-on (which is very, very easy), but it will be well worth the few seconds it takes you to do that.  An icon that looks something like this will be added to your toolbar (thought it may not be colored):

When I’m reading articles on the web and I come across one that I want to save, I simply click on the elephant icon in my toolbar.  When I do, here’s what my screen will look like:


You will note that it highlights only the article.  In the upper right-hand corner of the article (red arrow is pointing to it), I am offered the options of either clipping the article as it is highlighted, or I can clip the whole page (why would anyone want to do that?), or I can clip just the URL address.  I almost always opt for the article.  I love the fact that the clipper automatically removes the advertisements and sidebars for me. After I click how I want the article clipped, that’s all there is to it. The article is automatically added to Evernote while I continue browsing the web.

I have created a default notebook called “Articles” where these saved articles are loaded. However, if I wanted to change that (for instance, if was clipping a recipe, I would want it to go into my recipe notebook), it is as simple as clicking on a drop-down arrow for the correct notebook.

There is much information on the web about Evernote. This article is just meant to whet your appetite. I’d be interested in hearing how you use Evernote if you’re already a fan.

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2 Responses to Another Favorite App, Part 2

  1. Cindy Lofton says:

    Diane, This is very enlightening for me. I downloaded Evernote awhile back just b/c I felt like I should and have BARELY used it, mainly for lack of knowing how or what I should use it for. You’ve inspired me to give it a 2nd go-round. You’re right, there is a ‘cult’ following, so there’s got to be something useful & great about this app if so many swear by it! What’s key for me is taking time to understand how to use it and thinking through what areas of life I want to use it for. I’ll report back once I feel like I’m turning into an elephant. 🙂

    • Diane says:

      I’ll write more about Evernote soon. It really is a remarkable tool. I feel that I really skimped on these two posts, but it was late and I was having technology issues here at the hotel. Later I will give more details. In the meantime, you can check out the Ambassador program and see how more experienced users are using it.

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