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The End is Near. Now What?

The end is actually here. The end of another year, that is. Which raises certain questions… Continue reading

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Betrayal, Forgiveness, Empowerment

I once heard forgiveness described as “setting your offender free,” which produced a visual of a couple of prisoners shackled together. They were both equally bound. Continue reading

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Re-Assessing Your Goals

When I realized this week that half of the year is gone, I felt motivated anew to re-assess my goals, maybe change my approach a little, and try again. After all, I am not a quitter! Continue reading

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Races and Relationships

Running is an excellent allegory of life. It’s a parable for how to live and how to finish. And thankfully, the “real race” is more of a relay than a loner run. Continue reading

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Being Present

For some reason, the human mind has a problem being the same place the body is. I have been thinking about this frustrating proclivity for our minds and bodies to not be quite in sync. Thus, when just such an experience occurred a few weeks ago, I was unusually aware of it.
Continue reading

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Running to Win

Running is one of my favorite metaphors for living. It is very easy for me to make the connection between the two. Continue reading

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A Couple of New Additions to My Morning Routine

I’ve stumbled upon a couple of pleasant discoveries that have added some quality to my life. Making new discoveries—no matter how small—adds a little zing to life, and we could all use a little more zing! A key to experiencing more zing is being able to actually recognize a “discovery.” Continue reading

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