Breakthrough, Finally!

Breakthrough Last week I wrote about my lack of breakthrough in my 30-day challenge for this month. My hope was that public disclosure would somehow break through the mental barrier I was experiencing. Guess what? It did! I spent the better part of two days this weekend working on my blog making some serious additions and changes. If you normally read the posts in a reader or in your email inbox, would you do me the honor of visiting My Pleasant Places and checking out the following:

1) You should note, first of all, that there is a new picture at the top of the page. This is what Fall looks like from my deck (I took this pic a couple of weeks ago; the colors were stunning!). I will change out this “header” from time to time to coincide with the season of the year or some special event, such as my travels to other countries.

2) You will also see three new menu items: Start Here, 30-Day Challenge and My Running Story. The About tab is still present, but I’ve changed the content. Will you check out these new pages and let me know what you think?

3) On the home page (the front page of the blog), I placed a “sticky post” at the top of the page (a sticky post is one that always stays at the top rather than moving down the page as it ages). This post welcomes newcomers and directs them to the appropriate places to learn about the blog, the author and the 30-Day Challenge posts.

So you can see I’ve been very busy. There will be more changes to come in the future, but these are the ones I wanted to make this month. I’ve learned much about the “guts” of blogs and websites through this process, and I’m sure this acquired knowledge will serve me well as I continue blogging. Future changes should not be so long and hard in coming, as I’ve done the hard part by pressing through these projects and seeing that I did not shut down the internet in the process. Smile

Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think of the changes and also, if you have an idea for making the blog site more intuitive and navigable, please leave pass along those suggestions, as well.

I hope you are making plans to join me in the next 30-day challenge which will start this coming week. You have approximately 60 more days left in 2012—plenty of time to make significant change in your life. Will you take advantage of the remainder of this year? Start thinking of a strategic goal to aim for, and plan on posting your challenge on Thursday.

Photo compliments of Kerry Sanders via Compfight

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4 Responses to Breakthrough, Finally!

  1. LynnDee says:


    I really think the new design and organization of the blog is great. I like that I can search for a post based on the topic in the “Start Here” tab. I also love the new picture! 🙂

    • Diane says:

      Thanks for the feedback, LynnDee! Robyn made a similar comment, which lets me know the need for a “Search by Category” (aka, topic) in the sidebar. I wouldn’t have known that would have been helpful if you two hadn’t said so. This is why I value the comments so much. Thanks!

  2. Robyn Metzger says:

    I really like the Start Here page, where you organize your favorite posts by topic. That makes it easy for me to go back and read ones that I have missed!

    • Diane says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Robyn! Your comment lets me know that I probably need to set up another kind of search option in the sidebar where people can search by Category (another way of searching by topic). Thanks!

I love to read your comments!