By-Products of the 30-Day Challenge

Day 7 of my 30-day Challenge

Day 7 of My 30-Day Challenge

Creative Commons License This is Day 7 of my 30-Day Challenge, and I have to say that already I have made progress.  First, and most obvious, I have posted 7 of 7 days thus far (in case you’re calculating, that’s 100%).  When you consider that for the six previous months I posted a whopping 10 times, 7 times in 7 days sounds like a success indeed.  Now, I am not getting ahead of myself.  I realize that I have 21 or 22 more days to go in the Challenge, but I know an improvement when I see one, and I am happy with the improvement that I am seeing.

Also, as might be expected by the very nature of my particular challenge, I am becoming more creative.  Maybe “creative” is a little far-fetched, but at least I am becoming more mindful. To blog every day requires me to have something to say. Thus, I am consistently thinking about what I will post next. This is the kind of thinking that is required to become a good writer. I’m not there yet, but I definitely feel some momentum.

I am also excited about some unexpected by-products of the Challenge.  I am a self-proclaimed morning person.  For the most part, my productivity in a day takes place in the morning.  Nothing wrong with being a morning person except that it is only about six hours long. As I wrote earlier this week in “The Best Time of the Year—Again,” I tend to fizzle out in the afternoon.  The by-product that I am experiencing with the challenge is that I am having to stretch outside my comfort zone and expand into new areas of activity.  I can’t always make time to write first thing in the morning, and so—if I am going to “not break the chain”–I must go beyond my modus operandi and write in the afternoon or evening.  I have realized for some time now that I have greatly limited my productivity by living within the “morning person box,” but I have not been able to get myself out of it until this challenge.  So this is indeed a very welcome benefit. (FYI, I am writing this post in the afternoon!)

I am not the only one who is experiencing the “by-product phenomenon.”  My friend, Kristie—whose 30-day challenge was to drink X ounces of water everyday—commented, “I am building up to my X ounces of water and am adding more everyday. I wasn’t increasing my water intake to eliminate soda, but that has happened! If I drink soda then I won’t meet my water goal, so I have totally cut out soda this week!”  I’d say that is a very positive thing.  And if Kristie continues abstaining for the entire 30-day challenge, she just may lose her taste for sodas altogether.

There is another by-product that I have not yet experienced, but I see it on the horizon.  When I started this 30-day challenge, it had slipped my mind that I am going to be out of the country one week this month.  I know that I will have neither time nor opportunity to post on those days, and so in order to fulfill the challenge, I am going to have to plan ahead, write some extra posts, and set them to post while I am away.  From my perspective, this puts my 30-day challenge on steroids.  From posting 10 times in six months to posting not only every day, but writing extra and storing up for a later date, well, that will be quite a stretch for me, indeed.  Though I didn’t plan this particular aspect of the challenge, I am looking forward to it, because I believe it packs more punch towards my overall goal, which is to become a better, faster writer.

Are you experiencing any positive (or negative?) by-products to your own personal 30-day challenge?  Please tell me about them by clicking, “Leave A Comment” below.  (The first time you leave a comment, you may have to confirm your email address, but it will not be seen publicly, and you should not have to confirm when leaving future comments.)  I am encouraged by what you have to say.

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