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Why Writing Is A Habit Worth Developing

Why do I want to write daily? Why is that important to me? Is it just another ‘challenge’ to master? Do I have a goal-setting fetish? Life is too short to set petty little goals that don’t really matter. There must be purpose behind them. I reflected on this question for a few days and concluded that writing daily is, indeed, a beneficial, meaningful goal for me to work towards. My reasons? Continue reading

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Time for a Challenge

I have missed my blogosphere friends, and I have been getting the itch lately to get back into the routine. I read an inspiring article today that gave me the little push of encouragement I needed. And so, with that inspiration and without further ado, I declare my 30-day challenge. The goal?
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No Breakthrough–Yet

From the beginning of my first 30-day challenge (July 1), I have preached the power of making public declarations about your intentions. I will admit that this month’s challenge has been the most challenging yet, and so far, the least effective, too. I have not made any real breakthrough to date. Continue reading

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