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Update on the 30-Day Challenge

I realize how I enhanced my probability for success by stating my challenge in a positive rather than negative light. Instead of stating something like, “I will not eat sugar” or “I will not eat red meat,” and instead stating what I would eat, it changed the whole dynamics of the way I approached the table at that party. Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t or shouldn’t eat, I focused on what I had to eat (to meet my challenge for that day). Continue reading

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Eating for a Healthy Brain

Antioxidants are like little soldiers that zip around the brain, cleaning up the free radicals. And where do these soldiers come from? From specific foods, mostly fruits and vegetables. Continue reading

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A Favorite App – Where Fitness Meets Geekiness

 One of the first apps I downloaded when I got my iPhone was Lose It.  In the app, you enter some initial info—how much you weigh, how old you are, how much you want to weigh, and how quickly you … Continue reading

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