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Capitalizing on our Human Nature to Build a Strength

Did you know that we humans are more likely to take action for the purpose of avoiding pain or loss than for the purpose of being rewarded and experiencing joy or pleasure? It’s a scientific fact. It is that very tendency that I want to capitalize on in this post—a tendency that we can use to our advantage and become a better person. Continue reading

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For Those Who Want to Exercise…but don’t

I love encouraging people who are toying with the idea of starting an exercise program. I am writing this post to hopefully nudge you hesitant ones over the edge—the edge of indecision, that is. Continue reading

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Keystone Habits

Keystone habits are those habits that have the power to start a chain effect. That is, establishing a keystone habit leads to the establishment of other good habits—almost effortlessly. Continue reading

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Build Your Brain By Exercising Your Body

Physical exercise increases brain volume while strengthening and slimming down the body. Continue reading

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The Powerful Effects of Exercise

I once told someone that, given all that I know about fitness, it would be a sin if I chose not to exercise.  To not do something that requires so little and produces so much in return is just wrong.  … Continue reading

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