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A Couple of New Additions to My Morning Routine

I’ve stumbled upon a couple of pleasant discoveries that have added some quality to my life. Making new discoveries—no matter how small—adds a little zing to life, and we could all use a little more zing! A key to experiencing more zing is being able to actually recognize a “discovery.” Continue reading

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How to Hold Yourself Accountable to Personal Change

I have stumbled onto a couple of tools this year that have served me in keeping my “eye on the prize.” I’ll illustrate by sharing an area that I have long wanted to change and how I am finally beginning to see some serious progress. Continue reading

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My New “Secret to Success” in Healthy Eating

Recently, something serendipitous happened. It started with an article I ran across online… And now, I no longer experience an afternoon slump. This has been my most surprising discovery and the one that will probably keep me practicing my “secret” consistently. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Lazy Cook

I am a lazy cook, but an ambitious eater. But I am on a mission the first three months of this year… Continue reading

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An Amazing Tool for Lifestyle-Change Goals

If you are planning on losing weight, exercising more or eating healthier in this new year (or all three), I want to share a fabulous tool that will motivate you in your journey to the “new you.” It could be your game-changer! Continue reading

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I’m Younger Now Than I Used To Be

Ah, I can sense your skepticism. You don’t believe my title! But it’s true; I am younger than I used to be. Here’s how this phenomenon came about. Continue reading

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A Powerful Therapy that EVERYONE Can Take Advantage Of

There is a growing body of research that indicates great benefit in time spent outdoors—even if you don’t necessarily enjoy it. To name a few… Continue reading

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