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The End is Near. Now What?

The end is actually here. The end of another year, that is. Which raises certain questions… Continue reading

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Live It Forward

“You can suffer a little now (by denying yourself), or you can suffer a lot later (by indulging yourself now). Choose wisely.” That is the basis of living life forward. Any changes you want to make in your life will most likely include a little pain. Continue reading

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Setting the Stage for Personal Transformation

None of these changes, the big ones or the small ones, would have happened had I not set up the circumstances for change. One of those circumstances is the subject of this post, because it is about this time of year that it comes seriously into play. Continue reading

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Plan One Big Project a Week

I’ve experienced both being driven and drifting, and I much prefer planning my week around my priorities. Continue reading

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Strategies for Making and Achieving Goals

Goals are not passing whims or weak, half-hearted “tries;” they are ideals, actions, and outcomes I honestly want to build into my life and am willing to work towards. Necessarily, then, goals are not something that I decide upon lightly. Continue reading

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The Amazing Power of the Simple Checklist

Might we be able to implement this simple little tool—the checklist—to improve the quality of life, to stretch us out of our “comfort zones,” to spur us to being or doing something that “crossed our minds” once upon a time? Continue reading

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The Perfect Vacation: Plan and Be Flexible

I think schedules and deadlines should be very minimal on a vacation. Too much planning and schedule-making kills the spirit of rest and relaxation. Continue reading

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