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Races and Relationships

Running is an excellent allegory of life. It’s a parable for how to live and how to finish. And thankfully, the “real race” is more of a relay than a loner run. Continue reading

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Experiences Versus “Stuff”

I have discovered that the change of emphasis from “buying something” to “creating an experience” puts the recipient front and center in my thoughts and plans, making it a true gift of love. Continue reading

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Productivity vs. People

Do you struggle with this same conflict of “values” that I do—getting things done versus giving time to people? Do you agree that sometimes the right thing to do is to “dismiss,” but other times the right thing to do is to engage? Continue reading

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Share the Joy!

It is my experience that humans are, for the most part, better at the “weeping with” bit than they are at “rejoicing with.” It is sometimes difficult to find others to share the joy with. Continue reading

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How To Foster a Positive Attitude Towards Others

How can we promote warm, fuzzy emotions towards our loved ones on a regular basis? What are some means of keeping our “nearest and dearest” in the best light (especially in our own minds) most of the time? Continue reading

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Get Social!

It’s an odd connection—brain health and a wide social network. But there’s no denying it. The more social you are—i.e., the larger your network of friends and acquaintances—the less likely you are to develop Alzheimer’s or any other kind of dementia. Up to 50% less likely! Continue reading

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Together we can create more energy and produce more fruit than we can singly. Continue reading

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