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Why Writing Is A Habit Worth Developing

Why do I want to write daily? Why is that important to me? Is it just another ‘challenge’ to master? Do I have a goal-setting fetish? Life is too short to set petty little goals that don’t really matter. There must be purpose behind them. I reflected on this question for a few days and concluded that writing daily is, indeed, a beneficial, meaningful goal for me to work towards. My reasons? Continue reading

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Writing to My “Future Self”

But the most important “goals,” such as my spiritual and relational development, are a little more difficult to track. How can you determine if your marriage has improved over the last month? How can you measure whether or not you have become more like Christ? Continue reading

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Looking Forward

Looking back is safe; there’s no risk in saying, “Here’s what happened” whether it be good or bad. But looking forward requires faith. We have no idea what 2013 holds for us. Continue reading

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How Shall We End This Year?

We have 31 more days this year. That is enough time to build a solid base for a habit that could be with you and make you a better person for the rest of your life! So, in answer to the question in the title, how shall we end this year?, how about we finish strong? Will you join me? Continue reading

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Tweaking Your Goals for Greater Effectiveness

Are you more likely to make “tweaks” to your goals when they are not working out as you planned or hoped, or do you drop them altogether? Continue reading

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Summary of the Old, Intro of the New

Just realizing once again how quickly life passes is all the more incentive to make the most of it. One way that I “make the most of life” is to write this blog and connect with you, my readers. Another way is to become the best human that I can be, which is where the 30-day challenges come into play. Continue reading

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