Fun Friday!

Day 27 of my 30-day Challenge

Day 27 of My 30-Day Challenge


It is “Fun Friday,” and today I am going to share with you some clips from one of my very, favorite shows OF ALL TIME!  This is the epitome of funny in my opinion.

Does this make you laugh?  If so, we are on the same page.

Andy and Barney were such a part of our family’s life when my kids were growing up.  It was like losing a long-time friend when Andy passed away earlier this month.

If you like the clip, you can stream the entire show on Netflix.  Very fun!

Hope you all have had a very happy and fun Friday.  And if you haven’t seen my last post, The Future of My Pleasant Places, please read it and respond.  This would be very helpful to me here during the baby phases of this blog.

Photo compliments of Creative Commons License Piermario via Compfight

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