It’s the Little Things (Ones) That Make Life Special

Waterfall in Ozarks

Photo compliments of my husband, Steve

Day 6 of 30-day challenge

Day 6 of My 30-Day Challenge

Creative Commons License My oldest grandson turns 14 today!  Seems like just yesterday that his dad was turning 14.  If I dwelt on these things, I could get a little weepy.  Instead, I prefer to focus my emotional energy towards ways of building meaningful relationships with my grandchildren before they are all grown up.  I like coming up with creative ways of making memories with and for them.  Just recently, Steve and I came up with the inspired idea of taking each grandchild on a very special trip sometime before they graduate from high school.

In my excitement about this new idea and my dreams of adventurous journeys with my progeny, I have been discussing it among family and friends.  Though I wasn’t aware of it, “little ears” were tuning in.  This week, my six-year-old grandson, Bear said to me, “DD, I know where I want to go on a trip with you and Poopaw.”

“Really?”  I replied.  This was the first that I knew that he was aware of the brainstorm.  “Where would you like to go?”  I was very interested in what a six-year-old would consider a “really special trip.”

“You know that picture by your kitchen table?”  Bear was referring to a photo that Steve had taken of a waterfall tucked deep in the Arkansas Ozarks.  “That’s where I want to go.”

Taken a little aback by the plainness of his choice, I was quietly pleased (even though sure that it will change many times before we actually take “the trip”).  I was thankful that he hadn’t chosen some place like Disneyland and happy that he was drawn to the great outdoors.  But while still relishing these thoughts, it occurred to me that I have never known children to be overly-impressed with nature’s beauty.  So I investigated.  “Why do you want to go there, Bear?”

“To climb on the rocks.”

Oh, to live life from the eyes of a child!

Photo Compliments of David Goehring via Compfight

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4 Responses to It’s the Little Things (Ones) That Make Life Special

  1. valerie says:

    I love this story; made my soul smile. I love all your stories about the chillens.

  2. Sherri Sumstine says:

    Persevering to the top of a rock! He will do that many times in his life … I pray he succeeds every time. …and if he doesn’t…that God might use it as the greatest lesson of all. : ) \|”/

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