I was filled with delight day after day, rejoicing…in his whole world… Proverbs 8:30-31

IMG_1845 Fall is upon us, and where I live in Arkansas, we are nearing (if not at) the peak of the Autumn colors. It is breathtaking!

A couple of days ago, I had business in town, and on my drive back home, I was overwhelmed with the IMG_1819_1beauty of the colors. As I drove into my garage, it occurred to me that I had no deadlines to meet, the weather was pleasant, so why not go on a walk to take in the Fall colors “up close and personal”?

Quite honestly, tIMG_1883_1his is very unusual thinking for me. And maybe that’s why I decided to “go for it!” I put on a light jacket–it was cloudy and a little misty, but the temperature was perfect for walking–and took off on my afternoon adventure.

Before I had even gotten off our property, I snapped a picture with my phone camera. And then another one. And another one. Taking pictures was not my original purpose, IMG_1814_1but I noticed how much more aware I was of the beauty when I was looking for the right angles, the right positions, etc., that I quickly converted my leisurely walk into a memory-capturing mission.

I have to tell you: this was just what the doctor ordered! The path that I walked was the same one that I run at least once a week. And while I thoroughly enjoy my runs, this was a completely different experience. I walked slowly, stopping often to snap pictures (I took nearly 100 pictures during my hour-long stroll). I returned home absolutely refreshed and joyful.

IMG_1869Steve asked where I had been (he wasn’t home when I took off on my journey). I told him and then added, “My heart is full!”

May I suggest you find some way to experience that IMG_1842same sense of unhurried enjoyment of God’s creation? Whether or not you live in a area that has a change of seasons like I do, I know there is some place you can go to bask in His handiwork—the beach, the desert, the forest. Don’t rush. Don’t think about the tasks that await you. Just enjoy the moment. I’m guessing when you’re through, you, too, will say, “My heart is full.”


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  1. Charlene Reid says:

    Thanks Diane. Fall is my favourite season and it is always refreshing to bask in its beauty

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