Fun Friday: Need Encouragement?

Friends, do you need some encouragement?  Then I am here for you on this lovely Fun Friday.  Please accept this child’s admonishment as directly from me. 🙂

There.  That oughta do it.  Now, hopefully you “feel happy of yourself.”

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6 Responses to Fun Friday: Need Encouragement?

  1. Carla says:

    LOL!!! Thumbs up!!

  2. Michael Callahan says:

    That was pretty good. However, I had to learn to ride my bike barefooted, in the snow, and up hill both ways

  3. Cindy Lofton says:

    My kids & I watched this yesterday at least 5 x’s in a row. We could not get enough of this little guy. (plus Oaklee’s learning to ride her bike, so I felt like she would appreciate his words of wisdom) His enthusiasm is contagious. I like how his dad interacts with him, too. So glad they got this speech on video. I am definitely happy of myself watching it!

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