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I’m Younger Now Than I Used To Be

Ah, I can sense your skepticism. You don’t believe my title! But it’s true; I am younger than I used to be. Here’s how this phenomenon came about. Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Never Too Old

This video will bring a smile to your face. Continue reading

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On Growing Older

In the context of growing older, the phrase, “beauty of movement” speaks to me of smooth transition. No herky jerky movements. It’s simple enough to understand what this looks like in a dance, but how would this be played out when moving from one stage of life to another? Continue reading

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Staying Mentally Fit

How do we continue to stretch our brains even after we have learned the major skills that we need to get through life? It boils down to a word: challenge. It’s all about challenging ourselves, challenging our brains. Continue reading

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