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So Much to Read, So Little Time

My reading list may look a lot different than yours. Hopefully, though, we both—you and I—share the standard to read only those things that add value to our lives and don’t diminish our spirits, our minds, or our values in any way. Philippians 4:8 is a good measuring stick. Continue reading

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Capitalizing on our Human Nature to Build a Strength

Did you know that we humans are more likely to take action for the purpose of avoiding pain or loss than for the purpose of being rewarded and experiencing joy or pleasure? It’s a scientific fact. It is that very tendency that I want to capitalize on in this post—a tendency that we can use to our advantage and become a better person. Continue reading

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My Ten Most-Used and Recommended Apps

My ten most-used apps—not in any particular order—followed by a short list of runners-up. What’s yours? Continue reading

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Getting Wiser on the Run (or Wisdom Goes Mobile!)

Here’s a simple tool for reducing “down time” in your schedule by providing a rich store of current, quality reading material on your favorite subjects. “Waiting time” will no longer dreaded because it can be used productively with this tool. Continue reading

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