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A Holy Partnership

I often make parallels between running and life, and it was while enjoying the benefits of a tailwind one day that a new parallel came to mind. Continue reading

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Interactive Reading

I have always been a big proponent for taking notes as you read, but this was different. The simplicity facilitated my being more spontaneous, more responsive to what I was reading. I like to think of it as “interactive reading.” Continue reading

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The Power of the Right (or wrong) Choice

When people fail, when they abandon their call, their values, their responsibilities, they do so “all at once.” Or so it appears. Continue reading

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A Tribute to My Mom

There is much more to be said about moms than the fact that they love us, and today I want to write about three specific things that my mom, Jeri, has passed on to me. Continue reading

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How I Study the Bible III

Next to the Bible itself, I think your notebook is the most important tool in Bible study because this is where you personalize the Word and make applications. Continue reading

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How I Study the Bible II

In this post, we’ll look at some of the tools, guidelines and suggestions for getting started in Bible Study. Continue reading

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Building Your Values Into Habits

When I first read the concept about building habits to become successful, I was thoroughly intrigued. I started thinking of habits that I could build that would make me “successful” according to my definition—that is, congruent with my values. What actions/activities could I automate so that I would no longer struggle with whether or not to do them? I came up with a list… Continue reading

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