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Summary of the Old, Intro of the New

Just realizing once again how quickly life passes is all the more incentive to make the most of it. One way that I “make the most of life” is to write this blog and connect with you, my readers. Another way is to become the best human that I can be, which is where the 30-day challenges come into play. Continue reading

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Breakthrough, Finally!

Last week I wrote about my lack of breakthrough in my 30-day challenge for this month. My hope was that public disclosure would somehow break through the mental barrier I was experiencing. Guess what? It did! Continue reading

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No Breakthrough–Yet

From the beginning of my first 30-day challenge (July 1), I have preached the power of making public declarations about your intentions. I will admit that this month’s challenge has been the most challenging yet, and so far, the least effective, too. I have not made any real breakthrough to date. Continue reading

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