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Smatterings: Office Organizing, Exercising for Life, Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s funny, but some of the blog posts that I read have nothing of great worth in them but maybe one sentence—or two. But those one or two sentences can really get me to thinking and inspire me to challenge myself in a new and exciting way. Continue reading

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Update on the 30-Day Challenge

I realize how I enhanced my probability for success by stating my challenge in a positive rather than negative light. Instead of stating something like, “I will not eat sugar” or “I will not eat red meat,” and instead stating what I would eat, it changed the whole dynamics of the way I approached the table at that party. Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t or shouldn’t eat, I focused on what I had to eat (to meet my challenge for that day). Continue reading

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How You Can Help

I will be starting a new 30-day challenge tomorrow, September 1. That makes this a great time to invite your friends to begin to follow My Pleasant Places and to join along with those of us who are already experiencing the benefits of committing to one simple, but strategic, goal every month. Continue reading

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Stimulate the Brain

There are specific things we can do to bulk up the brain against mental decline. How many of these are you practicing? Continue reading

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My Predictions About YOUR Future

I hope my headline got your attention.  Actually, I have TWO predictions for you, but first a disclaimer.  My predictions do not pertain to everyone reading this blog; they only pertain to those who are participating in the 30-day challenge … Continue reading

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Staying Mentally Fit

How do we continue to stretch our brains even after we have learned the major skills that we need to get through life? It boils down to a word: challenge. It’s all about challenging ourselves, challenging our brains. Continue reading

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