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Live It Forward

“You can suffer a little now (by denying yourself), or you can suffer a lot later (by indulging yourself now). Choose wisely.” That is the basis of living life forward. Any changes you want to make in your life will most likely include a little pain. Continue reading

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Setting the Stage for Productivity

I started a new experiment to gain control over my mornings, to complete my most important things (MITs) in a timely, but productive manner, and then to start chopping away at my remaining to-do list shortly thereafter. Since this was always my intention, I knew I needed to shake things up a bit, I needed to do something different. Obviously, my current methods were not working. Continue reading

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Small Changes + Consistency + Perseverance = Changed Life

I am pretty passionate about running, but contrary to what you may think, it is not so much about the running as it is about what I learned through the process. I call that process (My Running Story) ‘my own little parable.’ I continue to be amazed at how far I have come since those very humble beginnings (of adding just a few feet a week to my previous week’s distance). The visible and measurable improvement in my performance was incentive to put the “little by little” principle into practice in every area of my life. Continue reading

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No Breakthrough–Yet

From the beginning of my first 30-day challenge (July 1), I have preached the power of making public declarations about your intentions. I will admit that this month’s challenge has been the most challenging yet, and so far, the least effective, too. I have not made any real breakthrough to date. Continue reading

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Are You Up For a Change?

When I started that first 30-day challenge, I never intended to continue it month after month. But after the breakthrough in the first one, it’s like, “Why wouldn’t I want to instigate breakthrough in another area of my life?” It is important to note that when I finish one challenge at the end of the month and start a new one, I do not discard the previous challenges. That would really be a waste of 30 days! Continue reading

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