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A Very Special Post, Too

I am personally very vested in Prism Education Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas (you’ll soon see why). Please watch this brief video (click the link) about Prism and then read my comments below. Prism actually started from a couple of mothers’ desire to provide … Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Babies and Animals

The child reminds me of myself when getting a comforting neck massage. I always want to shout, “Don’t quit!” when the massage is over. Continue reading

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Experiences Versus “Stuff”

I have discovered that the change of emphasis from “buying something” to “creating an experience” puts the recipient front and center in my thoughts and plans, making it a true gift of love. Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Kid-Speak

I chuckled about this throughout my day, and then it occurred to me that this would be an enjoyable post for “Fun Friday.” Continue reading

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A Picture for a Smile

I pulled up the following video of my grandson, Bear, who was still just a toddler. I watched it over and over. It made me smile, for sure. I still watch it to this day whenever I need a pick-me-up. Continue reading

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The Sweetest Sound on Earth

I have always said that a baby laughing is the sweetest sound on earth. And sooooo contagious! You can’t watch this without chuckling a little yourself. I dare you to try! Continue reading

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A Look Back

I am chomping at the bits to write about New Year’s goals and new 30-day challenges, but I want to first finish this year with a quick look back at 2012. Continue reading

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