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The Power of Incremental Change

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project writes sometimes about things “I wish I could tell my younger self.” I am going to follow suit and write about one of the most important truths I have learned of late that I wish I had learned much, much earlier. Continue reading

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The First of the Month

I hope the first of the month means good things to you like a time to start fresh, to clear the slate and focus on something new—on whatever you consider important. Continue reading

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10 Tips for Getting Fit This Year

Almost everyone who sets goals for for the New Year sets a fitness goal or two. The sad truth, though, is that about 88% of folks forsake those goals by the end of January!
I have a few suggestions for hanging in there, for becoming part of the 12% minority. These are based on personal experience, and they will work if you’ll work them. Continue reading

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It’s Time to Start Moving (forward, that is)

Little by little, I can change my life in huge ways. Small changes + Consistency + Perseverance = Changed Life. Continue reading

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Small Changes + Consistency + Perseverance = Changed Life

I am pretty passionate about running, but contrary to what you may think, it is not so much about the running as it is about what I learned through the process. I call that process (My Running Story) ‘my own little parable.’ I continue to be amazed at how far I have come since those very humble beginnings (of adding just a few feet a week to my previous week’s distance). The visible and measurable improvement in my performance was incentive to put the “little by little” principle into practice in every area of my life. Continue reading

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