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Another Way to “Document Your Journey”

Being in New Zealand, and wanting to “document my journey” there, I created this PowerPoint slide which summarizes some of the memories or impressions I had of this beautiful country. Continue reading

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Increasing Leisure Time, Building Your Creative Genius, and Asking THE Important Question

This is my opportunity to comment on a selection of my favorite and/or most informative or inspiring articles read on the web during the past week or so. Continue reading

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Creativity, Habits, Hacks for Successful Resolutions

I like to pass on to my readers good posts/articles that have helped me in some way, and I also enjoy the opportunity to “put in my two bits” on a given subject. Continue reading

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I had no deadlines to meet, the weather was pleasant, so why not go on a walk to take in the Fall colors “up close and personal”? I have to tell you, this is quite unusual thinking for me. Continue reading

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Four Principles for “On the Job”

What makes me happy “on the job”? Whether I’m working in my real estate business, in ministry, or in my home, making progress, achieving goals, figuring out a solution to a problem and solving it—these are, indeed, the things that make for “a good day on the job.” Continue reading

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Simplifying the Holidays: Tip 4 – Scheduling

More than likely, by the time you celebrate Christmas, we will have made any necessary returns, taken down the Christmas tree and all the decorations, cleaned the house and be working on plans for the New Year. Continue reading

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Fun Friday: A Privileged Life

I am sometimes in awe of the incredible opportunities that come my way, thus the title of this blog post. Continue reading

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