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Smatterings: Becoming a Morning Person, Fasting, Personal Identity

Smatterings is a weekly “column” here at My Pleasant Places that comments on a selection of my favorite and/or most-informative or inspiring articles read on the web during the past week.
I like to pass on to my readers good posts/articles that have helped me in some way, and I also enjoy the opportunity to “put in my two bits” on a given subject.
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How I Study the Bible II

In this post, we’ll look at some of the tools, guidelines and suggestions for getting started in Bible Study. Continue reading

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Getting Comfortable Outside the “Comfort Zone”

When it comes to reaching our goals—and even more importantly, God’s goals for us—I find that we are more often than not in a conundrum. We want to reach the goal, but we don’t want to stretch and strain. Which of course, presents a problem: we can’t have it both ways. Continue reading

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Home Again, Home Again!

Another people-watching experience Continue reading

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Success Breeds Success

Even when working on seemingly inconsequential habits and behavior changes, we are building character–because it takes character to purposefully build a habit. Continue reading

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Running For My Life: Part 3

The physical activity of running somehow empowered me to build up my spiritual muscles, as well, and to begin to take my designated place in the Race of Life with confidence… When I say “Running for My Life,” I really mean it. I run because it adds so much vitality to my life! And even if I didn’t have legs, I would still “run to win” the Real Race. Continue reading

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