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My New “Secret to Success” in Healthy Eating

Recently, something serendipitous happened. It started with an article I ran across online… And now, I no longer experience an afternoon slump. This has been my most surprising discovery and the one that will probably keep me practicing my “secret” consistently. Continue reading

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As Goes Monday…

I am pretty much a fanatic about making sure I start the week strong every Monday. Continue reading

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Narrowing Down Your Options

The more options we have, the less likely we are to take action. The phrase “paralysis by analysis” comes to mind. Continue reading

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Create Your Own “How To” File

My how-to file has saved me countless hours. Any process that is not intuitive but which you may have to repeat should go in your “How To” file. Continue reading

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Simplifying the Holidays: Tip 2 – Decorating

All the work associated with decorating for Christmas is not my idea of a good time. I am always looking for ways to be as efficient and effective as possible—even in all things “Christmas” (does that take all the fun out of it for you?). Continue reading

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Where Time Management Meets the Kitchen

When I am hungry, I want to eat NOW. Unless the food is already prepared, this “NOW” attitude could be problematic. So, for the most part, I try to keep my frig stocked with food that’s just minutes away from eating. This short post is about how I do that. Continue reading

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Getting Wiser on the Run (or Wisdom Goes Mobile!)

Here’s a simple tool for reducing “down time” in your schedule by providing a rich store of current, quality reading material on your favorite subjects. “Waiting time” will no longer dreaded because it can be used productively with this tool. Continue reading

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