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My New “Secret to Success” in Healthy Eating

Recently, something serendipitous happened. It started with an article I ran across online… And now, I no longer experience an afternoon slump. This has been my most surprising discovery and the one that will probably keep me practicing my “secret” consistently. Continue reading

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Smatterings: Mindful Eating, Sufficient Sleep, and a Happy Marriage

Smatterings is a weekly digest of my selection of favorite and/or most-informative or inspiring articles read on the web during the past week or so. It’s a nice way to pass on to my readers good posts/articles that have helped me in some way and also an opportunity to put in “my two bits” on a given subject. Continue reading

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A Powerful Therapy that EVERYONE Can Take Advantage Of

There is a growing body of research that indicates great benefit in time spent outdoors—even if you don’t necessarily enjoy it. To name a few… Continue reading

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For Those Who Want to Exercise…but don’t

I love encouraging people who are toying with the idea of starting an exercise program. I am writing this post to hopefully nudge you hesitant ones over the edge—the edge of indecision, that is. Continue reading

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