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Finale of My 30-day Challenge

Today officially concludes my 30-day “post to My Pleasant Places” challenge. Could I continue posting every day? Probably so, but when I do that, many of the posts are very shallow and just meet a “bare minimum” standard, and that is not the kind of writer/blogger I want to be. Continue reading

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Another Life Lesson from Running

That’s one of the beauties of aerobic exercise done outdoors. It seems to help my brain fire on all cylinders. Even though I’m fully engrossed in the physical task at hand, I can simultaneously be in deep thought about spiritual matters. Continue reading

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Running For My Life: Part 3

The physical activity of running somehow empowered me to build up my spiritual muscles, as well, and to begin to take my designated place in the Race of Life with confidence… When I say “Running for My Life,” I really mean it. I run because it adds so much vitality to my life! And even if I didn’t have legs, I would still “run to win” the Real Race. Continue reading

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