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Share the Joy!

It is my experience that humans are, for the most part, better at the “weeping with” bit than they are at “rejoicing with.” It is sometimes difficult to find others to share the joy with. Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Capture the Moment

I remember in the not-so-distant past when it wasn’t as simple to capture an experience at a moment’s notice. It’s not always possible to capture “the actual moment,” but then, even the near-misses are worth recording, as they too, help document your journey—and bring a smile to your face. Continue reading

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What Makes A Good Friend?

I so wanted to give her a pep talk and tell her to hang in there, to paint a picture of how her life could be so different if she would just press past this temporary discomfort of not fitting in. Though it might be difficult for a season, in a short while, she would be comfortable, but more importantly, she would be better, because she would have grown to a new level in her personal development. Continue reading

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Get Social!

It’s an odd connection—brain health and a wide social network. But there’s no denying it. The more social you are—i.e., the larger your network of friends and acquaintances—the less likely you are to develop Alzheimer’s or any other kind of dementia. Up to 50% less likely! Continue reading

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How You Can Help

I will be starting a new 30-day challenge tomorrow, September 1. That makes this a great time to invite your friends to begin to follow My Pleasant Places and to join along with those of us who are already experiencing the benefits of committing to one simple, but strategic, goal every month. Continue reading

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Fun Friday! Your Comments

I really enjoy reading the comments from my readers–funny and serious. Continue reading

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