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Creating Inspiration To Accomplish Your Goals

When I talk to friends that are interested in starting a running program, I always suggest they do the same thing that I did: start studying the subject. Don’t wait till you have an injury before you learn how to prevent it! Don’t wait till you get to your stomach while out running before you discover what you should and shouldn’t eat before and during a run? Don’t wait till you are overheated before you learn how to hydrate. Continue reading

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Getting Wiser on the Run (or Wisdom Goes Mobile!)

Here’s a simple tool for reducing “down time” in your schedule by providing a rich store of current, quality reading material on your favorite subjects. “Waiting time” will no longer dreaded because it can be used productively with this tool. Continue reading

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Part 2: A Technology That Will Save You Time and Make You Wiser

A unique post that addresses two seemingly unrelated topics: 1) how to add an RSS icon to your URL/address bar, and more importantly, 2) how Googling for answers to technological issues can affect the quality of your life over the long term Continue reading

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