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Strategies for Making and Achieving Goals

Goals are not passing whims or weak, half-hearted “tries;” they are ideals, actions, and outcomes I honestly want to build into my life and am willing to work towards. Necessarily, then, goals are not something that I decide upon lightly. Continue reading

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What You “Seek” Is What You Get

We had a special event in which my husband was honored with tributes from around the world for his service to God, but even more so, for who he is—a man of integrity, leadership, and sacrifice. I had the privilege of concluding the meeting with my own wifely tribute. Continue reading

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Running For My Life: Part 1

This is the first post of a series about “my running story” (every runner has one), but it is about far more than meets the eye, so stay with me to the end; the best stuff is there! Continue reading

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