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Capitalizing on our Human Nature to Build a Strength

Did you know that we humans are more likely to take action for the purpose of avoiding pain or loss than for the purpose of being rewarded and experiencing joy or pleasure? It’s a scientific fact. It is that very tendency that I want to capitalize on in this post—a tendency that we can use to our advantage and become a better person. Continue reading

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Four Principles for “On the Job”

What makes me happy “on the job”? Whether I’m working in my real estate business, in ministry, or in my home, making progress, achieving goals, figuring out a solution to a problem and solving it—these are, indeed, the things that make for “a good day on the job.” Continue reading

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Creating Inspiration To Accomplish Your Goals

When I talk to friends that are interested in starting a running program, I always suggest they do the same thing that I did: start studying the subject. Don’t wait till you have an injury before you learn how to prevent it! Don’t wait till you get to your stomach while out running before you discover what you should and shouldn’t eat before and during a run? Don’t wait till you are overheated before you learn how to hydrate. Continue reading

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