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Looking Back—A Different Way

In this post, I want to veer just a bit from my usual more serious approach and show you a little “lighter” way in which I measure my year: places where I have run (or walked or hiked or biked). Continue reading

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Transforming Regret Into Gratitude

My life has been enhanced by a couple of activities that I have written about often here on the blog, but, what you may not know, is that 1) neither activity was a particular passion of mine when I was younger, and 2) both activities almost got derailed by an attitude of regret. Continue reading

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Experiencing God’s Creation

I am so grateful that, in recent years, I have become aware of a certain energy that comes from not only looking at God’s creation, but in also experiencing it. Continue reading

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I had no deadlines to meet, the weather was pleasant, so why not go on a walk to take in the Fall colors “up close and personal”? I have to tell you, this is quite unusual thinking for me. Continue reading

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A Powerful Therapy that EVERYONE Can Take Advantage Of

There is a growing body of research that indicates great benefit in time spent outdoors—even if you don’t necessarily enjoy it. To name a few… Continue reading

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10 Tips for Getting Fit This Year

Almost everyone who sets goals for for the New Year sets a fitness goal or two. The sad truth, though, is that about 88% of folks forsake those goals by the end of January!
I have a few suggestions for hanging in there, for becoming part of the 12% minority. These are based on personal experience, and they will work if you’ll work them. Continue reading

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