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Setting the Stage for Personal Transformation

None of these changes, the big ones or the small ones, would have happened had I not set up the circumstances for change. One of those circumstances is the subject of this post, because it is about this time of year that it comes seriously into play. Continue reading

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Writing to My “Future Self”

But the most important “goals,” such as my spiritual and relational development, are a little more difficult to track. How can you determine if your marriage has improved over the last month? How can you measure whether or not you have become more like Christ? Continue reading

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Documenting Your Life Journey

I have had a rich, rich life—but, sadly, there is a huge gap in the written version. This is one of my greatest regrets. The journey–all of it–should be documented to some extent. Continue reading

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Creativity, Habits, Hacks for Successful Resolutions

I like to pass on to my readers good posts/articles that have helped me in some way, and I also enjoy the opportunity to “put in my two bits” on a given subject. Continue reading

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Smatterings: Preview, Anti-aging Hacks, Career-building, Being Your Best

“Smatterings” is a new weekly column here at My Pleasant Places that comments on a selection of my favorite and/or most-informative or inspiring articles read on the web during the past week. Continue reading

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Becoming Whole

Can we truly be “whole” (confluent in body, soul and spirit) if we are not moving similarly in all three dimensions of our lives? Can we be spiritually fit and sedentary physically? Can we be strong in spirit and lazy in mind? Continue reading

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How Shall We End This Year?

We have 31 more days this year. That is enough time to build a solid base for a habit that could be with you and make you a better person for the rest of your life! So, in answer to the question in the title, how shall we end this year?, how about we finish strong? Will you join me? Continue reading

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