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I had no deadlines to meet, the weather was pleasant, so why not go on a walk to take in the Fall colors “up close and personal”? I have to tell you, this is quite unusual thinking for me. Continue reading

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A Picture for a Smile

I pulled up the following video of my grandson, Bear, who was still just a toddler. I watched it over and over. It made me smile, for sure. I still watch it to this day whenever I need a pick-me-up. Continue reading

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A Vacation that Rejuvenates

In this post, I will tie together all the factors that I think made our “perfect vacation” so perfect and suggest some ideas for creating similar experiences for your own family. You should be able to take away some of these ideas regardless of your budget and the ages of the children in your life. Continue reading

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The Perfect Vacation: Structure and Serendipity

In my previous two posts about the perfect vacation, I wrote about the need for planning and preparation and then followed that up with the need to be flexible. This post will demonstrate the balance of those two factors. Continue reading

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The Perfect Vacation: Plan and Be Flexible

I think schedules and deadlines should be very minimal on a vacation. Too much planning and schedule-making kills the spirit of rest and relaxation. Continue reading

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Getting Started Journaling

Just having a journal causes me to at least ask myself what I learned that day—and so it has been a very valuable tool to get me to actually reflect on my day and my lessons learned. Continue reading

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The Big Picture

I have never particularly liked having my picture made (I always ask the cameraman if they can do a little magic and take off a few pounds and/or years), but I like even less being invisible in the photos of my loved ones. Continue reading

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