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Principles for Setting and Reaching Goals

Lots of people set goals, but not so many achieve them. What’s the secret(s)? Continue reading

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My Plan for Transformation in 2015

I thought I would offer a little extra encouragement by continuing to write about goals this month. If you can stay strong throughout January, then you have a much greater chance of being successful throughout the year. Continue reading

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How to Hold Yourself Accountable to Personal Change

I have stumbled onto a couple of tools this year that have served me in keeping my “eye on the prize.” I’ll illustrate by sharing an area that I have long wanted to change and how I am finally beginning to see some serious progress. Continue reading

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Plan One Big Project a Week

I’ve experienced both being driven and drifting, and I much prefer planning my week around my priorities. Continue reading

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Reviewing Your Month

Why would I want to do a monthly review? I don’t know. Maybe just to be sure that there are meaningful things going on in my life all the time. Maybe to remember things of importance that slip the fragile memory. Maybe to give more weight to things that are really the most important but have a tendency to take a back seat to the more “glamorous” or more emotional memories. Continue reading

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Shopping Smarter: 5 Tips for Enjoying Shopping While Saving Money

I had a fun shopping experience recently which ended so well that I thought I would share a few insights I gleaned from it (five to be exact!). The shopping excursion was a by-product of my current emphasis on eating … Continue reading

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Strategies for Making and Achieving Goals

Goals are not passing whims or weak, half-hearted “tries;” they are ideals, actions, and outcomes I honestly want to build into my life and am willing to work towards. Necessarily, then, goals are not something that I decide upon lightly. Continue reading

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