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10 Tips for Getting Fit This Year

Almost everyone who sets goals for for the New Year sets a fitness goal or two. The sad truth, though, is that about 88% of folks forsake those goals by the end of January!
I have a few suggestions for hanging in there, for becoming part of the 12% minority. These are based on personal experience, and they will work if you’ll work them. Continue reading

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First, You Learn What NOT To Do

New habits never come easy that first couple of weeks. With every challenge, I find that I learn more of what not to do during the first 10 days than I learn what to do. I am learning that the first week or so is more of a deconstruction period followed, thankfully, by a building period. Continue reading

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Declare Your Challenge!

If you really want to change or grow in an area of life, then you owe it to yourself to step outside the boundaries of your own personal, private space and make your challenge known in a public forum. Continue reading

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Are You Up For a Change?

When I started that first 30-day challenge, I never intended to continue it month after month. But after the breakthrough in the first one, it’s like, “Why wouldn’t I want to instigate breakthrough in another area of my life?” It is important to note that when I finish one challenge at the end of the month and start a new one, I do not discard the previous challenges. That would really be a waste of 30 days! Continue reading

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I Finished! (An Analysis of the 30-Day Challenge)

Four steps to help you accomplish a 30-day challenge Continue reading

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Record Your Progress

For those habits and goals that you hope or expect to become life-changers, recording the journey is a must. This post offers some thoughts on how to go about doing that. Continue reading

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