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Looking Back—A Different Way

In this post, I want to veer just a bit from my usual more serious approach and show you a little “lighter” way in which I measure my year: places where I have run (or walked or hiked or biked). Continue reading

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Reviewing Your Month

Why would I want to do a monthly review? I don’t know. Maybe just to be sure that there are meaningful things going on in my life all the time. Maybe to remember things of importance that slip the fragile memory. Maybe to give more weight to things that are really the most important but have a tendency to take a back seat to the more “glamorous” or more emotional memories. Continue reading

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Documenting Your Life Journey

I have had a rich, rich life—but, sadly, there is a huge gap in the written version. This is one of my greatest regrets. The journey–all of it–should be documented to some extent. Continue reading

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Strategies for Making and Achieving Goals

Goals are not passing whims or weak, half-hearted “tries;” they are ideals, actions, and outcomes I honestly want to build into my life and am willing to work towards. Necessarily, then, goals are not something that I decide upon lightly. Continue reading

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A Look Back

I am chomping at the bits to write about New Year’s goals and new 30-day challenges, but I want to first finish this year with a quick look back at 2012. Continue reading

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A Productive End-of-the-Day Ritual, Part 3

The natural tendency when thinking and writing about who you appreciate is to list the people who are closest to you (at least I hope that’s who comes to your mind!). However, much of the value of this exercise is to make you more mindful and to stretch your thinking beyond your usual and typical responses. Continue reading

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A Productive End-of-the-Day Ritual, Part 2

This is the second post in a 3-part series. If you haven’t already done so, read A Productive End-of-the-Day Ritual first. In part 1 of this series, I introduced the word-prompts for summing up your day. They are:   Grateful … Continue reading

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