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Re-Assessing Your Goals

When I realized this week that half of the year is gone, I felt motivated anew to re-assess my goals, maybe change my approach a little, and try again. After all, I am not a quitter! Continue reading

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Races and Relationships

Running is an excellent allegory of life. It’s a parable for how to live and how to finish. And thankfully, the “real race” is more of a relay than a loner run. Continue reading

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Why Writing Is A Habit Worth Developing

Why do I want to write daily? Why is that important to me? Is it just another ‘challenge’ to master? Do I have a goal-setting fetish? Life is too short to set petty little goals that don’t really matter. There must be purpose behind them. I reflected on this question for a few days and concluded that writing daily is, indeed, a beneficial, meaningful goal for me to work towards. My reasons? Continue reading

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Experiences Versus “Stuff”

I have discovered that the change of emphasis from “buying something” to “creating an experience” puts the recipient front and center in my thoughts and plans, making it a true gift of love. Continue reading

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Fun Friday: The Problem With Social Media

In the past few months, the following video has made the social media circuits (Kind of funny, huh? a video denouncing the ‘evils’ of social media which mostly gets its message out on social media). Continue reading

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A Vacation that Rejuvenates

In this post, I will tie together all the factors that I think made our “perfect vacation” so perfect and suggest some ideas for creating similar experiences for your own family. You should be able to take away some of these ideas regardless of your budget and the ages of the children in your life. Continue reading

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Productivity vs. People

Do you struggle with this same conflict of “values” that I do—getting things done versus giving time to people? Do you agree that sometimes the right thing to do is to “dismiss,” but other times the right thing to do is to engage? Continue reading

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