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Strategies for Making and Achieving Goals

Goals are not passing whims or weak, half-hearted “tries;” they are ideals, actions, and outcomes I honestly want to build into my life and am willing to work towards. Necessarily, then, goals are not something that I decide upon lightly. Continue reading

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10 Tips for Getting Fit This Year

Almost everyone who sets goals for for the New Year sets a fitness goal or two. The sad truth, though, is that about 88% of folks forsake those goals by the end of January!
I have a few suggestions for hanging in there, for becoming part of the 12% minority. These are based on personal experience, and they will work if you’ll work them. Continue reading

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The Best Time of the Year!

I know that Christmas gets all the good press for being “the most wonderful time of the year,” but personally, I prefer New Year’s.  It’s a time of fresh beginnings, a time for “do overs.”  It’s a time to challenge … Continue reading

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