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Races and Relationships

Running is an excellent allegory of life. It’s a parable for how to live and how to finish. And thankfully, the “real race” is more of a relay than a loner run. Continue reading

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Increasing Your Fitness Level Without Killing Yourself

It’s important to me to keep this fitness dimension of my life in proper perspective. It’s a means to an end! It’s not all that my life consists of, nor is it the source of my identity. However, it is an energizer, a stress-reliever, and it keeps me young at heart. So it is not to be taken lightly, either. Continue reading

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Looking Back—A Different Way

In this post, I want to veer just a bit from my usual more serious approach and show you a little “lighter” way in which I measure my year: places where I have run (or walked or hiked or biked). Continue reading

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A Holy Partnership

I often make parallels between running and life, and it was while enjoying the benefits of a tailwind one day that a new parallel came to mind. Continue reading

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Setting the Stage for Personal Transformation

None of these changes, the big ones or the small ones, would have happened had I not set up the circumstances for change. One of those circumstances is the subject of this post, because it is about this time of year that it comes seriously into play. Continue reading

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Another Life Lesson from Running

That’s one of the beauties of aerobic exercise done outdoors. It seems to help my brain fire on all cylinders. Even though I’m fully engrossed in the physical task at hand, I can simultaneously be in deep thought about spiritual matters. Continue reading

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Getting Over the Hump in Building Lifechanging Habits

What’s the secret to getting over the hump of building an impacting habit that can have life-long effects? Are there any “magic” actions to take to set that accomplishment in motion? Continue reading

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