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Changing the End-Point–Thinking VERY Long-Term

If you know where you are going (the end), then you can start navigating that direction now. Without a clear vision of your destination, you’ll miss the mark; it won’t “just happen.” We build our lives, and we develop our priorities now based on where we want to end up. Continue reading

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Planning Your Day With “The Big Picture” In Mind

Life is the sum of what you do on a day-to-day basis, so what do I want my life to “add up to” (the big picture)? What do I want to accomplish everyday?
Examining my values and philosophy of life, I created a list of “My Most Important Things To Do Every Day.” If I can honestly affirm that I have done the six things on my list, I can say that I have indeed had a good, productive, satisfying day that has inched me towards my ultimate goals. Continue reading

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