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Re-Assessing Your Goals

When I realized this week that half of the year is gone, I felt motivated anew to re-assess my goals, maybe change my approach a little, and try again. After all, I am not a quitter! Continue reading

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Setting the Stage for Personal Transformation

None of these changes, the big ones or the small ones, would have happened had I not set up the circumstances for change. One of those circumstances is the subject of this post, because it is about this time of year that it comes seriously into play. Continue reading

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Transforming Regret Into Gratitude

My life has been enhanced by a couple of activities that I have written about often here on the blog, but, what you may not know, is that 1) neither activity was a particular passion of mine when I was younger, and 2) both activities almost got derailed by an attitude of regret. Continue reading

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The LIVING Word: A New Column

I hope to put you at ease and keep you from being “weirded out” by my sharing about my relationship with God, because that’s what this new column, “The Living Word,” is about. Continue reading

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